August 2017

Audiology With A Heart

We are celebrating our 3rd anniversary!

In celebration of our 3rd anniversary, we have put together a cookbook compiled of our staff and Board Member’s favorite recipes. They are available at the office for a suggested donation of $10.00. All proceeds go to helping us help people in the community that need our services but can’t afford them. If desired, we will provide a receipt for tax purposes as this would be considered a charitable donation. If you would like one mailed to you, we will need to charge $2.00 shipping fee.

Audiology With A Heart

The case for caution regarding OTC hearing aids

You may have heard by now that there is some legislation going through Congress that would allow the sale of hearing aids over-the-counter sort of like reading glasses. The truth is that the percentage of people that need hearing aids that actually get them is extremely low. While there are many reasons why a person might delay getting hearing aids, one major factor is cost. Senator Elizabeth Warren has designed a bill that would allow people with mild-moderate hearing loss to purchase hearing aids at various locations, possibly even CVS, without having seen a professional or having a hearing test.

As an Audiologist, I applaud the effort to help more people receive the equipment they need, but am very concerned that they may be removing a vital part of the equation. As an example, I saw a person the other day that reported a gradual hearing loss in one ear over a couple of years, but had not had a hearing test and had not mentioned it to their primary care physician. The person reported other medical conditions that could be contributing to the loss. The hearing test indicated a large asymmetry which required a referral to an Otolaryngologist (ENT) that also specializes in Neurology. After going through some further testing, they found a tumor on the hearing nerve that needed to be removed. While this example may not be typical, it does stress the need for a professional evaluation. We don’t yet know the details of the bill so watch this space!

August Schedule of Events

  • August 2: King’s Point Plaza; phone distribution; RSVP
  • August 2-4: Debby out of office at conference
  • August 4: Temple Shaarei Shalom; phone distribution; RSVP
  • August 9: Patch Reef Park; phone distribution; RSVP
  • August 10: Fountainview phone distribution; RSVP; residents only
  • August 16: King’s Point Plaza; phone distribution; RSVP
  • August 21: Delray Community Wellness; phone distribution; RSVP
  • August 22: Jupiter Community Ctr; phone distribution; RSVP
  • August 25: Carlisle phone distribution; RSVP; residents only

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