November 2017

November Events

November is a busy month with traveling to visit family of having guests come to get away from the cold northern weather.

November Schedule

Nov. 1: King’s Point Plaza; phone distribution; RSVP required

Nov. 2: Temple Shaarei Shalom; phone distribution; RSVP

Nov: 3: Jupiter Health Fair – open to the public

Nov. 8: Patch Reef Park; phone distribution; RSVP required

Nov. 14: Temple Beth-El WPB; phone distribution; RSVP  required

Nov. 15-17: Debby at a training seminar

Nov. 17: Emergency hearing aid service 10am – noon

Nov. 20-24: Debby out of office

Nov. 20: Delray Community Wellness Ctr; phone distribution; RSVP required

Nov. 22: Patch Reef Park; phone distribution; RSVP required

Nov. 23: Thanksgiving; office closed

Nov. 24: office closed for holiday

Nov. 28: Jupiter community center; phone distribution; RSVP required

We are pleased to welcome Noni Gonzalez to the office on a part-time basis. She is bilingual (Spanish) so call and say hello!

I was wondering about the topic for this month’s newsletter and asked a long-time patient if there was a topic she would like to read about and she stated that she just wished people would realize how wonderful it is to hear again after years of not hearing. I think sometimes we focus on research and facts and figures but it is also important to realize that the ultimate goal is better communication with the people around you.

Now is a good time to get your hearing checked! When we are around friends and family, hearing loss becomes that much more noticeable and good communication is key to enjoying your time together. This is also a good time to have your hearing aids checked to make sure they are working as well as possible. Call the office for an appointment so you can enjoy the holidays!

I ran across these videos that demonstrate the different levels of hearing loss. Click on the links and turn the volume up on your computer:

Enjoy your Thanksgiving and call for an appointment!  

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