January 2018

Audiology With A Heart

A big "Thank You" to all of you that sent in donations this past year. Whether financial donations or older hearing aids, you have made it possible to continue to help your neighbors acquire the help they need but sometimes cannot afford. Your generosity allows us to continue our community efforts.

We all make resolutions and we all break resolutions! I have had many conversations this year about wearing your hearing aids on a consistent basis. Encourage your family and friends to wear the aids consistently. Our brains need stimulation to stay active and hearing aids are a piece of that puzzle. I often hear "I’m home all day by myself, I don’t need to hear" – my response is we need to hear our surroundings all the time, whenever we are awake. The brain needs to learn to filter out extraneous sounds that aren’t important and to learn to focus on the important sounds like speech. If you only wear your hearing aids when you leave the house, you are making your brain work harder than necessary because not only are you trying to understand what people are saying, you are also working to classify which sounds are important and which aren’t. This is much easier to do when you wear your hearing aids at least 8 hours a day, even in a quiet house. I encourage all of you to wear your hearing aids!

January Events

  • Jan. 1: Closed for New Year’s
  • Jan. 5: Temple Shaarei Shalom; phone distribution; RSVP required
  • Jan. 9: Patch Reef Park; phone distribution; RSVP required
  • Jan. 10: Health Fair; Valencia Shores
  • Jan. 11: King’s Point Plaza; phone distribution; RSVP required
  • Jan. 15: Delray Community Wellness; phone distribution; RSVP required
  • Jan. 16: Abbey Village Health Fair
  • Jan. 17: Century Village WPB Health Fair
  • Jan. 18: Coral Lakes Health Fair
  • Jan. 22: Jupiter Community Center; phone distribution; RSVP required
  • Jan. 23: Villa Borghese Health Fair
  • Jan. 24: Patch Reef Park; phone distribution; RSVP required
  • Jan. 25: Cochlear Implant Workshop – call for information
  • Jan. 26: Leisureville Health Fair
  • Jan. 30: Valencia Pointe Health Fair

There is a new Northern chapter of the Hearing Loss Association of America. Their next meeting is Thursday, January 25 from 11am – 1pm. They meet at the North Palm Beach Library.

Contact information:

Southern County Chapter of the Hearing Loss Association of America’s next meeting is January 19 at 10am at the South County Civic Center in Delray Beach.

Contact information:

We are considering Sign Language classes again – please contact us if you are interested so we can gauge the amount of community interest.

Cell Phone Amplifiers

Florida Telecommunications Relay Inc (FTRI), the agency that distributes the amplified phones, was conducting a pilot program for cell phone amplifiers. The pilot program was very well received so now those amplifiers are available for those of you that need help with your cell phones. Even if you have one of the amplified landlines, you can now receive one of the cell phone amplifiers. If you no longer have a landline, these amplifiers improve how you hear on the cell phone. Please call for more information.

Cochlear Implant Workshop

We have partnered with Advanced Bionics, a cochlear implant manufacturer, to present an informational workshop to those people that are thinking an implant might be the answer to their hearing loss. This is open to the public so if you have friends or family that might be interested, please join us.

January 25 at the Hilton Palm Beach Airport
11:30am – 1:30pm
Lunch will be provided

There is no charge to attend but please RSVP
Phone/text 661-348-2185 or call 877-924-4463
Register online: https://tinyurl.com/y85lwrwa

Audiology With A Heart

Happy New Year!
Thank you for everything
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