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January Newsletter

Some exciting changes!

Hello and Happy New Year! We are excited to announce that we are now a participating provider for United Healthcare/EPIC hearing aid benefits. United Healthcare recently changed their hearing aid benefit from a mail-order system to a provider-patient system (honestly, the way it should be) and we are happy to be part of this system. We can check your benefits for you - just call the office at 561-366-7219.

We are also a provider for TruHearing which is a benefit provider for Federal BlueCross BlueShield and UAW members among others. Please call the office to check your benefits. We are participating with Hearing Care Solutions. They have contracts with:

  • Aetna Commercial
  • Aetna Medicare
  • Alignment
  • Allwell
  • Cigna HealthSpring
  • Humana
  • Meritain
  • Middletown Works
  • Salvation Army

Retired New York teachers that receive either UFT or Empire benefits can also use your benefits in our office. As always, we strive to provide the best services to you possible at the lowest possible prices. The landscape of providing Audiology services and hearing aids is changing and keeping up with those changes is important. As time goes on, I'm sure we will see more changes that we hope are positive ones!

**Please note that we will have to submit your insurance information in order to verify your benefits**

January Events

Jan. 1: Closed for the holiday
Jan. 6: Health Fair; Cascade Lakes
Jan. 8: King's Point Plaza; phone distribution
Jan. 9: Health Fair; Valencia Lakes
Jan. 10: Temple Shaarei Shalom; phone distribution
Jan. 21: Patch Reef Park; phone distribution
Jan. 22: Health Fair; Poinciana Lake Worth
Jan. 24: Health Fair; Leisureville
Jan. 28: Jupiter Community Ctr; phone distribution
Jan. 29: Valencia Reserve Health Fair
Jan. 31: Health Fair; Lucerne Lakes

All phone distributions require an RSVP and all dates and times subject to change.

Starting in 2020, phone distributions for the Jupiter/North Palm Beach area will occur every other month. For faster service, please call the office for an in-office appointment 561-366-7219.

New Year

Going forward in the New Year, we are looking for local businesses to highlight. We know that there are some of you still working either for someone else or in your own business. If you would like us to include your business in these newsletters, please send your information to debrashadoff@audiologywithaheart.com

Cannabis and CBD Health Fest

CBD and medical marijuana is a growing business here in Florida and across the country. As we've participated in different health fairs over the past year, it is clear that public interest is at an all-time high. Audiology with a Heart is sponsoring an upcoming health fair centered around CBD and medical marijuana.

February 1 from 10am - 4:30pm
DoubleTree Hilton
100 Fairway Drive
Deerfield Beach, FL 33411

Cannabis and Tinnitus

Can Cannabis provide relief for tinnitus? That seems to be the question nowadays but there is no clear answer. As with most disorders, the relief cannabis can bring is in the beginning stages of being understood. One takeaway from recent articles indicate the benefit of medical marijuana or CBD may come from providing relief from associated symptoms thus providing perceived benefit. A quick Google search brings up multiple articles regarding the benefit or lack thereof of CBD in relieving tinnitus.

Causes of Tinnitus

  1. Ear infection
  2. Impacted wax
  3. Hearing loss
  4. Meniere's Disease
  5. Noise exposure
  6. Head trauma
  7. Benign tumor on the auditory nerve
  8. Medication side-effects

Insomnia, anxiety and depression are the most common side-effects of tinnitus. Cannabis has been used as a sleep aid as it increases sleepiness and relaxation. CBD without THC can help treat anxiety.

Traditional tinnitus treatments:

  1. Ear wax removal
  2. Adjusting medication dosages
  3. Hearing aids
  4. Hearing aids with tinnitus therapy programs
  5. Noise machines i.e. ocean sounds or rain
  6. Relaxation or meditation
  7. Tinnitus therapy treatment provided by an Audiologist that specializes in Tinnitus therapy

Research on Tinnitus and CBD

Research is in the beginning stages and there appears to be conflicting results. A study in 2015 indicated CBD either didn't provide any relief or worsened the tinnitus in rats. However, research does indicate that since CBD can relieve the stress associated with tinnitus, the resulting relief may result in a reduction of the impact of the tinnitus.

Bottom line: the jury is still out on the benefit of CBD or medical marijuana and tinnitus. If you wish to explore the possible benefits, be sure to consult with your physician before going forward with any experimentation.





Have you moved?

Moving involves changing so much: address, phone number, possibly downsizing so deciding what to take with you and what to discard; you have to remember to tell the Post Office and the DMV.

Don't forget to change your voter registration information! You can visit the Supervisor of Elections website to change your address online: https://www.pbcelections.org/Voters/Register-to-Vote

Alternatively, we have the form here in the office and will be happy to help you with the form. 2020 will be a crucial election year so please let us help you!

For people that have moved here from other states: Florida is a closed Primary state so in order to vote this coming March, you must declare yourself as a Democrat or Republican. Not fair, I know but if you are an Independent or in the Green Party, you will not be allowed to vote for Presidential candidates during the Primary. You can vote for Judges, School Board and other referenda, just not Presidential candidates.

You can also sign up for Vote By Mail either here in the office or on the Supervisor's website. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us with any questions.

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