July 2016

Happy 4th of July! We hope everyone has a safe and fun holiday with friends and family. This month we would like to highlight our Board members as the Boards of most agencies often receive very little appreciation for the hard work they do. Kim Grajcar: Outreach Representative for CapTel…


June 2016

It’s official: summer is here and with it I always get questions about flying with hearing aids as people go visit family, attend weddings and graduations. There is no prohibition against wearing hearing aids on airplanes but some people find it more comfortable to fly without them. It is your…


May 2016

May is Better Speech and Hearing Month Just like we have annual check-ups for the rest of our bodies, we should have our hearing checked too. Recent research suggests exercising our ears also stimulates our brains and can minimize the effects of memory issues when treated early. Click on this…



April 15 is Tax Day. It was also my grandmother’s birthday and usually at this time of year I think about how much she meant to me. My grandmother taught me how to bake and the relationship between food, friends and family cannot be denied. I believe her strong family…



Fred and I are so appreciative of the support we’ve received over the past year, so to celebrate our one year anniversary in August, we are pleased to offer an educational seminar on August 4, 5 and 6. I have attached the invitation – if you have a family member…



It looks like it’s time to bring out the sunscreen again! Summer has arrived and is here to stay. I came across some helpful hints the other day that might be familiar to you but that bear repeating: Don’t leave your hearing aids in the car – they can melt…

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