Pay It Forward and Piggybank Program

Audiology With A HeartIn August 2015, we became a 501c3 agency and as such have been able to implement two programs that are designed to assist low-income clients that would otherwise not be able to purchase hearing aids.

The Piggybank program allows us to share the cost of new hearing aids for people that can afford to pay a portion of the cost of the hearing aids but where the full payment would be a significant financial burden. All financial donations go towards this program. Attached is a donation card for anyone who wishes to help their neighbors.

The Pay it Forward program asks for old hearing aids to be donated to the agency. Any behind-the-ear hearing aid that is in working condition will be given to a person that cannot participate in the Piggybank program. Any other hearing aid, whether working or not, will be sent to a company that takes old hearing aids and uses them in third world countries to provide hearing aids mostly to children in developing countries.

Both types of donations are deductible off your taxes as a charitable donation and you will receive a receipt for your records.