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Hearing Services

Audiology With A Heart is a nonprofit audiology organization here to help patients like you hear better. We fit patients with a wide range of affordable hearing aids, and provide support for all types of hearing aids.

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Hearing Services at Audiology With a Heart

If you have hearing loss and you're looking for someone who will treat you with respect and compassion, come to Audiology With A Heart and see how we live up to our name. We are here to meet the needs of Deaf and hard-of-hearing patients in Palm Beach, Martin County and Broward Counties.

Our Audiology Services

Woman getting her hearing tested at Audiology With a Heart
  • Hearing testing: Whether you suspect you may have hearing loss or you need to know how your hearing loss has progressed, we can determine the nature of your hearing loss through a simple, painless hearing evaluation.
  • Affordable hearing options: We are a nonprofit organization dedicated to bringing better hearing to everyone. We will find a solution within your budget that works for you.
  • Hearing aid fitting and programming: Hearing aids must be customized to address your individual hearing loss. If you choose to purchase hearing aids, we will expertly program and fit them for you.
  • Hearing aid cleaning and maintenance: We will show you how to properly maintain your hearing aids on your own so they continue to work well for years to come. We're also available to give your hearing aids a more thorough cleaning when necessary.
  • Hearing aid repairs: We are able to make some repairs to hearing aids in-office, so if your hearing aids aren't working the way they should be, come see us.
  • Amplified telephone distribution and service: The State of Florida provides amplified telephones free of charge for all Florida residents. Only a nonprofit like Audiology With A Heart can distribute these phones.
  • Custom ear molds: We can take molds of your ears that can be used to create customized ear plugs and other hearing protection, such as musicians' plugs or protection for hunters.
  • ASL Interpretation: You do not need to worry about interpretation if you make an appointment at Audiology With A Heart. Both Fred and Debbie can communicate in ASL, and we’ve had quite a few Deaf clients over the years.
  • Tinnitus treatment with hearing aids: Many hearing aids today include programming to help with tinnitus (ringing in the ears). Typically hearing aids can resolve tinnitus for many people, but if you still need more help with your tinnitus, we can refer you to a specialist.

Return Policy

Even though some dispensers will charge a percentage of the hearing aid's cost to you if you decide to return them, we offer a full return policy. If you decide that hearing aids are not for you, we will refund you in full.


  • 60-day trial period: When you first get your hearing aids, we'll see you at least once within your 60-day trial period to make any necessary adjustments and check that you're satisfied with your hearing aids. It is possible we'll bring you in again to make additional changes to your hearing aids during that time.
  • Ongoing check-ups: We like to see our patients every six months to thoroughly clean their ears and hearing aids. Depending on your ears and needs, we find that some patients benefit from a three-month schedule.
  • Annual hearing exam: We recommend an annual hearing exam to check for any changes to your hearing loss.

What if I'm Unsure About Hearing Aids?

That's fine! It’s your decision if hearing aids are right for you. We'll follow up with you in a year for another hearing test and to track the progression of your hearing loss. Sometimes patients decide they want to come in sooner to get hearing aids; other patients may take a couple of years to determine they're ready. We respect your wishes and will never pressure you to buy something.

What is Included?

Audiology With A Heart wants to make hearing aids affordable for everyone. That's why we bundle our services for every patient who purchases hearing aids from us. For as long as you wear those hearing aids, we'll treat you free of charge if you need cleaning, routine maintenance, reprogramming, or other adjustments. The only time you may need to pay is if you require more advanced repairs and your hearing devices are out of warranty.

Hearing aid repairs at Audiology With a Heart

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