Dear Debby,
Thank you for all of the help you have given me.”

--Rosalie D.

Dear Debbie,
I want to thank you for the suggestion of the smaller earmold, for the first time, since wearing hearing aids, I am very comfortable, my inner ear does not hurt. It still sounds different but I am grateful that the sensitivity has lessened.”

--Thank you,
Jean W.

“This is in appreciation of your services and in particular and in my case, the care and attention of Ms. Shadoff.”

--Henry G.

Dear Ms. Shadoff,
I want to thank you again for your know-how and the ability to make one feel comfortable. When I come in for the second unit that is being repaired I will have a few questions regarding the new units. So far I am at ease using them, and tomorrow I will test them in a restaurant to see how they operate there.”

--Till then, with best regards from both my wife and me.
Edward K.

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