Dear Ms. Shadoff,
I have been getting hearing aides for quite a few years now, and have been to numerous hearing “specialists”, and like the proverbial Diogenes, I have been looking for a trustworthy, caring and understanding audiologist. At one time I thought this was a winless quest, but meeting you has changed my view of your field by 180 degrees.

You are a breath of fresh air in a profession that is rife with absurd claims of exaggeration and warranties. I want you to know how much I appreciate the time and expertise you have given me. I realize it is a difficult job fitting people with such varying degrees of deafness, but you have patiently stayed with me applying adjustments as they were needed. And, moreover, you kept your word that I could ask for the digital units when they came in for exchange. They are still not perfect but at least I know you are there for me when needed and that gives me a great deal of comfort. Also, I cannot forget how you saved me a considerable amount of money when checking the dates of the expiration on warranties on my prior units that other audiologists never brought to my attention.

So this paean of praise for a top notch technician who deserves to be recognized as such, and I am thankful I found you.”

--Yours truly,
Ed K.

Dear Debbie,
Thank you kindly for your time and courtesy when my wife and I visited with you on Wednesday.

I appreciate your knowledge, recommendations, and your excellent communication skills. I consider myself fortunate to have met you and to have had the opportunity of obtaining the valuable information you gave.”

Philip B.

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